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11 March we celebrated PACT Day!

The PACT day that we celebrated is the first corporate event that simultaneously involved our colleagues from around the world.

We demonstrated our commitment to quality by agreeing to the KAEFER Quality PACT; PACT standing for Planning, Administration, Communication and Technical Quality.

Quality begins with every one of us. It is essential to have the right attitude and mind-set in order to provide high quality in everything we do, and therefore to be and stay successful.

All entities of KAEFER SA talked about quality. In every localization we organized meetings for our employees. Quality was the main topic of toolbox talks and get-togethers. We provided special video with Peter Hoedemaker (Chairman of KAEFER Group) speech to our sites and workshops. You can also watch video on our website.

Please have a look at www.kaefer.com to follow our colleagues around the world during PACT day.