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The KAEFER FOUNDATION, founded in 2010, is a non-profit organisation, whose main aim is to give support to those who need it the most. The initiatives of this organisation surround these main points:

  • Prevention of diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. and support for victims of these illnesses
  • Education, apprenticeships and training
  • Science and research
  • Protection of the environment and ecosystem; especially climate protection and energy efficiency
  • Development projects for younger generations
  • Natural disasters and catastrophes

Resources are allocated to institutions and projects; not to individuals. By supporting these initiatives the KAEFER FOUNDATION is aiming to achieve long-lasting goals. More information about our different projects is available here.
The non-profitable organisation is only financed, through the sale of its own post and greeting cards as well as donations, so we welcome any financial contributions:

KAEFER Foundation gGmbH
Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN DE62290700500169004900

Private people and organisations in Germany can get a tax credit certificate to verify their donation to the foundation, which can then be used in their tax declaration.

If you have any questions or project ideas, please contact us at foundation@kaefer.com.