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Our mission:

Our mission is clear: To be the most reliable and efficient provider of technical industrial services.




Increasing our competitive strength

Founded back in 1918, we are a family-owned company with a long tradition and strong ethical values. All over the world we have very loyal, long serving employees. Their health and safety is our priority.

As an international company with German roots, we have an extraordinary background of technical expertise, quality management and thoroughness. Our core services are Insulation, Access, Surface Protection, Passive Fire Protection and Interior Outfitting (IASPI).

We have packed our rucksack and have started our Lean Journey to continuously improve our performance and strive for excellence worldwide.


Our vision:

To eliminate the energy waste.

With this mindset, we are helping companies every day to make the best use of their resources.


Our core principles:

Our core principles are a valuable compass that routes us in everything we do, day by day.

  • We care for the health and safety of our people and our environment
  • We base our long-term client relationships and profitability on excellence in quality and continuous process improvement
  • We respect cultural differences and promote value-based, entrepreneurial leadership

Our strategy:

Increasing our competitive strength by being recognised, more efficient, and different.