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We get involved to save your energy

Acting sustainably and responsibly is not an aim which can be achieved on one's own. That's why we collaborate with institutions and associations and consider it our responsibility to support ongoing developments and help bring new techniques to market. Our active role in industry associations and research projects refines our own skills and enables us to support the entire insulation market.

We are a member of:

European Industrial Insulation Foundation

Industrial companies across all sectors and geographical locations are faced with the challenge of reducing costs while reducing their environmental footprint. EiiF has been set up to promote and establish the use of industrial insulation as a widely understood and accepted means of meeting these interrelated requirements.
To achieve this, EiiF will deploy a communications strategy that targets industry, government, and the wider community. Within this strategy, EiiF will stress the environmental benefits of industrial insulation, which lead naturally to a rapid return on investment wherever industrial insulation is used. KAEFER is a founding partner of the EiiF.
Find out why energy efficiency starts with insulation.

European Federation of Associations of Insulation Contractors

FESI is the European Federation of Associations of Insulation Companies. FESI was founded 1970 and is the independent European Federation representing the insulation contracting sector. FESI promotes insulation as one of the best, the most cost effective and sustainable manners to save energy. FESI represents the insulation associations from 16 European countries who's members are active in insulation for industry, commercial building sectors, ship insulation, soundproofing, fire protection and others. FESI represents more than 3.300 insulation contracting companies with around 47.500 employees.

Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environment

Chamber of Power Industry
and Environmental Protection is
a national organization of industry self-government. The organization is committed to organizing an important goal
of assisting members in solving their economic and organizational problems. An important member of the Chamber of action relates to the preparation and implementation
of joint projects in the field
of energy investments in the country
and abroad, promoting modern techniques and technology. Broad is active in the field of environmental protection
and promotion of renewable energy sources. IGEIOS represents the interests of members in foreign markets.

Industry associations